Growth Hacker aka B2B Marketing Manager - Remote

Job description

About the job

We just closed our pre-seed round and are currently testing our product with a select group of early alpha testers in preparation for a wider beta launch later this year - in short, we have a product that is ready to take to market and are about to embark on the next stage of our growth journey. In order to manage our upcoming beta launch and to bring our go to market strategy to life, we are now looking for a talented hands-on growth hacker aka B2B marketing manager to join our remote team (we don't care where you live or base yourself as long as you are good at what you do). 

If you have a solid grounding and are ready to expand your horizon and challenge yourself under our guidance you should apply. If you're super experienced already you should apply as well but only if you're happy with a pay cut in exchange for a better work life balance and equity. 

About us

Tribes.AI is a new startup aiming to help build strong high-performance teams with advanced analytics. 

Teams today produce a huge amount of data via everyday activities (emails, meetings, chats, files, tasks, code, etc) that can be mined for trends. This data provides powerful insights into team performance and helps management make more informed decisions about their employees, teams and clients. 

The management team at Tribes.AI have already successfully built and sold a large marketing analytics consulting company, Datalicious. As a result we understand marketing optimisation inside out but more importantly, we know how valuable our team members are and how to build working teams that produce results no matter what timezone you are in. We value skilled employees who are at the top of their game, who want to take ownership and who want to grow with us.

If you want to research us some more, we suggest you check out our current team on LinkedIn, what they say on Glassdoor and our funding progress on Crunchbase.

Our perks 

All team members are usually offered the following perks ...

  • Flexible working hours (i.e. we don't care when you work, within reason, as long as the work gets done)
  • Working from home (i.e. we don't care from where you work, whatever makes you most productive)
  • Working from home expenses (i.e. we pay for your home Internet and any other reasonable expenses)
  • New laptop via EMI purchase (i.e. you buy it and own it but you can expense the monthly repayments)
  • Unlimited leave (i.e. we don't count days off so take as many as you need as long as the work gets done)
  • Training courses (i.e. we want you to keep learning so we pay for relevant courses and give you time off) 
  • Share options plan (i.e. once you're past probation you will get access to our employee share options plan)



Your job responsibilities would include ...

  • Implementation and refinement of our go to market strategy
  • Content marketing to build brand awareness through thought leadership
  • Advertising campaigns to fill the top of our funnel with potential prospects 
  • Marketing automation program to turn prospects into qualified leads
  • Test and learn program to continuously optimize all aspects of the above 
  • But don't reinvent the wheel, monitor and learn from our competitors
  • And you will do all this by yourself, growing your team comes later
  • If you don't know how, research it and give it a go

Soft skills

Our team members should be ...

  • Hungry for knowledge and passionate about their chosen discipline in the right way (i.e. not merely applying the most fancy algorithms or tools but instead the ones best suited to solve the business problem at hand)
  • Capable of working with almost no supervision (i.e. be self-driven, able to organize their own tasks, QA their own work and spot their own errors, explore new approaches, manage time frames / deadlines, etc)
  • Great written and spoken communicators (i.e. solid written and spoken English skills, efficiently use of instant messaging and other remote team platforms, ability to document code / tasks, know when to bother other people with their own problems, etc)
  • Team workers with a strong collaborative attitude (i.e. interest in other team member's challenges, ready to help with constructive suggestions unasked, never make any fuss about other people's mistakes, positive can do attitude all around, etc) 
  • Obsessed with perfection and driven by a constant need to optimize (i.e. always wanting to look for a way of doing things even better than they already are, etc) 
  • Committed as in ready to stay with us for the long run (i.e. recruitment, on-boarding and training are extremely time-consuming tasks we do not want to go through time and time again)

Technical skills

The successful applicant  team members should have the following skills ...

  • Solid understanding of basic marketing principles 
  • Experience developing digital multi-channel campaigns 
  • 3+ years hands-on experience optimising digital advertising campaigns
  • Solid understanding of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google ad platforms 
  • Experience using Google Analytics, Google Optimize or similar
  • Comfortable using Google Sheets or similar for reporting, analytics
  • Prior B2B direct marketing experience would be a definite plus 
  • Prior exposure to content marketing and/or SEO a plus
  • Prior marketing automation experience would be a plus
  • Some basic JavaScript skills would also be useful